Work with us

Education and Skills Development Group (ESDEG) as a grass root charity organisation west London has a lot to offer both to service users and those willing to give their time to help others. There are opportunities to gain and give, both paid and voluntary opportunities. ESDEG is continuously recruiting volunteers, tutors and admin staff. In addition to that ESDEG welcomes local community members with skills to offer join ESDEG as trustee board members.

– If you’re willing to pursue a career working with children and young people and need to get an experience working with children there are opportunities here in ESDEG

– If you are retired teacher or academic and want to give your time help teach the younger generation please contact us.

– If you’re professional in education, finance, management, voluntary sector or any other area and like to contribute your expertise to local community by joining our trustee board please contact us.

– If you’re are passionate in helping children and young people and can spare 2 hours per week to mentor school aged child or young person please get in touch with us.

Other opportunities available include,

Advice work, ESOL Tutor Website updating/editing, developing media and news letter.