Education and Skills Development Group (ESDEG) is committed to improve the educational outcomes of disadvantaged children, and through education community cohesion.

Social Justice... Further Equality... Social Mobility... Community Cohesion...

Supplementary Schooling

Improve the academic, emotional and social wellbeing of young people.


Developing the competence and character of children to be successfull in life.

School Partnerships

Children’s educational attainment, school attendance and behaviour.

High School Girls in Somaliland

Increase learning resources available to girls & learning outcomes  in Somaliland.

ESOL Classes

Running ESOL classes aimed at parents, taught by a qualified teacher.

Youth Projects

Help young people on education, employment, health and housing issues.


The census is coming.

The census is coming. By taking part, you can help to inform decisions on services that shape your community, such as schools, doctors’ surgeries and bike lanes.

It’s important you fill in your census questionnaire because the information you share affects the life of every single person living in England and Wales

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The impact of covid19 on SEND children and their familie?

The COVID19 pandemic has had a huge impact on how we go about our everyday routines and life. The sudden change included taking necessary measures to self– isolate and social distancing has been challenging for all of us but even more for the children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and their families.

Friday 20th March 2020 – schools in the UK closed to all pupils other than the children of key workers and some vulnerable children including Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

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Ethnic inequalities in health in Ealing and the effect of Covid-19 in BAMER communities.

Health, social and economic inequalities in Britain for people from black and ethnic minority communities are well documented and have been an issue for many years. The current pandemic has focused the spotlight on these issues and made visible the stark reality of being different.

Earlier this week, a report by Public Health England published data that raises a great deal of worry; minorities are disproportionately affected. Asian, Caribbean and Africans are significantly more likely to die from Covid-19, be worse off economically, and suffer from the exacerbated conditions of overcrowding in their homes.
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ESDEG is a registered charity and was established in 2006 to help address the needs of the local Somali community, many of whom had arrived as refugees. Since its inception, ESDEG has expanded its services to members of all faiths and ethnic groups, who are experiencing disadvantage, exclusion, poor social mobility, inequality and other barriers that are preventing the community or its members from thriving.

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