ESDEG | Education & Skills Development Group

Based in West London, ESDEG is a grassroots charity committed to serving the local community by providing education & wellbeing support.

Established in 2005, ESDEG offers a trusted, reliable range of services. We specialise in supplementary tuition, family/school liaison and SEND.

Our work

We support members of disadvantaged communities through education, training, and skills development.

Our mission is to break the poverty cycle by developing self-esteem, inspiring a strong work ethic, and encouraging aspirational goals. and our commitment to: 

Removing the stigma from mental health issues

Closing the gap in school attainment

Teaching financial awareness for economic independence

Creating a safety-net for those most at risk


Supplementary schooling. — Family & Schools partnership service providing support especially in exclusion process & appeals. — Mentoring workshops and one-to-one support. — Youth Employability skills sessions. — ESOL classes for all ages.


Cost of living support with small grants to pay bills. — Advice & Life Skills appointments to help with forms, applications, official letters, everyday ‘how-to’ guidance. — Women’s Empowerment with support, resources and opportunities.


Confidential counselling sessions with our qualified in-house counsellor for adults & children. — Weekly Fitness & Sports classes. — Coffee Morning meet ups to socialise and make new friends. — Special workshops exploring culturally appropriate wellbeing routines.


Special Education Needs and Disability support for families. Dedicated service guiding parents on how to receive initial diagnosis, choose the best school, appeal school placement decisions, advocate for parents and bring parents together to share experiences.


Elderly Lunch Club for Seniors to enjoy healthy home cooked meals and spend time in company. Exercise classes designed to encourage mobility and good health. Help with booking GP appointments and other tasks. Opportunity for cultural connection and integration.


Research & Reports — Advocacy — Policy Development – Campaigning, Our in-house campaign team researches issues affecting the community, produces reports to influence government policy and liaise with local councils to advocate on behalf of the community.


Free confidential counselling sessions with our qualified in-house counsellor for adults & children.


Being able to amplify the voices of our community has become a key focus within ESDEG. Understanding needs and communicating them to councils & government and affecting change.


With help from John Lyon’s School Holiday Activity Fund (SHAF) we are able to organise a series of activities over the summer months for the children and their parents -this includes our annual trip to the seaside.


Food banks continue to play a crucial role in providing emergency food assistance to individuals and families facing financial hardship. Run by xxx you will find a a warm welcome and generous range of essentials.

Our Performance

The core of the charity’s work is to promote the development and capacity building of refugees,
asylum seekers and other minority groups in such a way that they are better able to meet their needs, participate more fully in society and access further or higher education or employment.  When it comes to children and young people our work aims to raise aspiration, reduce the attainment gaps and enable young people to reach their potential and thrive.

  • Supplementary School Teaching 90% 90%
  • ESOL Classes for Mothers Project 87% 87%
  • Refugee Elders Luncheon Club 85% 85%
  • Reducing the impact of Covid-19 95% 95%
  • Youth employability, education and training support. 90% 90%

Our referrals


If you think that a friend or family member may benefit from our SEND support services, than please make a referral. Whether they have started their journey and want to connect with other parents or have only just considered their child may need a diagnosis and have a lot of questions – we can help. Please reach out to us at 020 8574 4918 or


Taking the first step to inquire about counselling services can be a daugnting task in itself, if you want to make a referral or get more information, for yourself or for someone you care about -we can help.. Please reach out to us at 020 8574 4918 or 


Are you a former ESDEG student? We would love to stay in touch!
Let us know what you are upto now -have you gained new skills that you could share with the next generation? Please reach out to us at 020 8574 4918 or

Our Funders and Accreditations

If you’re are passionate in helping children and young people and can spare 2 hours per week to mentor school aged child or young person please get in touch with us!