Family and Schools Partnership

Family and Schools Partnership Project.

ESDEG has a long history of establishing good working relationships with educational, parental and youth groups in order to deliver our projects and we are able to draw upon a wide range of expertise from partners. We aim to:

  • Identify pupils likely to benefit from individual and family support.
  • Promote the project specifically to refugee parents through teachers and through contributing to review meetings.
  • Facilitate forums with parents.
  • Provide advice and guidance for tackling exclusions and truancy.
  • Participate in review and progress meetings regarding individual students.
  • To encourage staff and governors to participate in training sessions in awareness about issues refugee communities- particularly children.

The project is designed to maximise participation at all levels to bring lasting changes to the children’s behaviour and attainment. We consulted children, parents and the school, as we believe that any solutions proposed should arise from their expressed needs and should foster a sense of ownership and responsibility. We aim to give families the opportunity to participate, not only within the framework of the project but also outside the project.