ESDEG Mentoring

ESDEG Mentoring project

This project is designed to provide individual and group mentoring to inspire young people; help raise their self-esteem and aspirations; improve their attainment and behaviour; and reduce the likelihood of exclusions, crime and anti-social behaviour. We motivate them to study and succeed in life by looking up to successful role models. Moreover, we equip our mentees with the resilience, emotional intelligence and growth mindset to help them overcome their barriers. Our experienced mentors provide structured and engaging sessions to young people from minority backgrounds, offering guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of their mentees. Young people often disclose concerns and problems that parents/carers and school staff are not aware of. Our mentors also detect and promptly report any safeguarding concerns and help young people overcome these issues, which include abuse, bullying, radicalisation, neglect etc.

ESDEG has strong ties with refugee families, local schools and the community. We work on raising academic attainment, social mobility, community cohesion and integrating diverse communities into education and life in the UK. Young people from refugee backgrounds can be vulnerable to alienation from the education system when they start secondary school. Our mentors help these young people transition to high school and prevent future problems.