Youth Employability Project

Youth Employability Project

The need for this project is based on feedback from young people and our daily experience of working to address the needs of young people aged 16 – 24 who have attended our supplementary schools and continue to come to ESDEG for further support. We document continuing needs, including access to basic training, skills deficit and low confidence of NEET young people, and better collaboration between youth provisions in all sectors. ESDEG performs (in collaboration with different local training providers and advice organisations) the following activities for these young people:

  • Employability training
  • Practical CV writing
  • Job search 
  • Advice on housing and benefit and other social issue
  • Life skill training 
  • Literacy program 
  • Access to counselling
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Engaging local community and 
  • Youth forum 

The project will help challenge prejudice and discrimination through interaction and will enable -young people to develop friendships and better relationships with others. One of the indirect aims of the project is to reduce anti-social behaviour and to provide alternatives to the path of crime and drugs that blight the lives of many young people.


Resource Centre, Featherstone Terrace, Southall UB2 5AL