Right to thrive project

ESDEG has the vision to improve the lives of BMER communities by raising aspirations, through skills development and community cohesion. During the pandemic many peoples daily routine had drastically changed from living relatively active lives to living a more sedentary lifestyle. This can have ramifications on ones health in both the short and long term. ESDEG therefore introduced a project that supports young women to start leading more active lifestyles in a way that encourages social cohesion and allows people to celebrate their cultural identity.

The project started in the first quarter of the year and consisted of young women some of them new mothers. After speaking to the group and identifying their needs we established a dance class that consisted of learning a traditional Somali dance called ‘Buranbuur”.

We hired a professional Somali dance teacher who provided fun and engaging activities were the young ladies were able to develop new skills, exercise and socialise.

The outcome of this group exceeded our expectations. The young women found a renewed passion for exercise and are continuing to exercise regularly. They felt that the experience of learning a traditional Somali dance had reignited their connection with their culture and are keen to explore different traditional dances. Some have made friendships that they will continue to nurture.